Partner Identification Process

Many of Trinity Bridges’ clients are looking to identify the right Asian partner and negotiate a distribution
deal that will ensure growth and success in Asia. Trinity Bridge has developed the following nine step
process to ensure that our clients not only identify the right partner but also make the right deal with
that partner to ensure a successful and long-term relationship.

  • It is vital that the search and appointment of a partner is rooted in an overall Asia business
  • Probably the most important step in the process will be to determine the key criteria used to
    choose a partner. Do you want exclusivity, for example? What size of company are you looking
    for? What is the geographic scope? Trinity Bridge will work shop the key criteria with you.
  • Based on the strategy and the agreed criteria Trinity Bridge will then engage in an in-depth
    search process to identify a long list of possible candidates. We will do this through desk-top
    research, using our extensive network in Asia, examining what competitors are doing and most
    importantly speaking with possible end-clients for your products.
  • The long list of candidates is reduced to likely prospects through a process of introduction
    and validation. This is where Trinity Bridge speaks directly with the target companies
    introducing the idea of a partnership to them, confirming their interest, and confirming their
    position against the criteria.
  • Based on the information gathered in the previous two steps Trinity Bridge in conjunction with
    you evaluates the short list with the aim of identifying the leading two or three candidates for
  • Prior to entering any negotiations, we recommend that a business planning session is done
    with the target(s). Issues to be address include size of market, roles and responsibilities,
    marketing strategy, identifying target clients etc.
  • Trinity Bridge will then facilitate the process of converting and codifying the results of the
    business plan into a mutually advantageous deal. Trinity Bridge is not a law firm and therefore
    does not prepare legal documents however we have a network on legal collaborators with
    considerable experience of preparing such documentation.
  • The final step may seem counter intuitive as this process is specifically designed to maximise
    the chances of a successful partnership. However, it is important that you consider, upfront,
    how you might exit any deal both in the event of it being a complete success and in the event
    of it not working.
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