Lara Wang

Lara leads high-impact digital and data-enabled transformation for financial services industries in China. Over the past decade, she has worked on hundreds of consulting engagements with advanced analytics, change management and innovative programmes in Mainland China.

Lara has deep experience in leveraging data assets and orchestrating ecosystems for traditional business leaders and cutting-edge next-generation institutions. As an advisor to chairmen, founders, and CEOs, she helps define clear and aspirational visions to turbocharge both top- and bottom-line growth.

Helping a client establish one of the mainland’s most successful domestic private banks, and setting up its corporate university and strategy office, she implemented rigorous execution metrics and built core competences. Lara is an ardent advocate for entrepreneurs, having coached innovation competitions for the Bank of China, ICBC, Guangdong University of Finance and several other institutions.

Educated at Nanjing University, Lara was previously a producer and commentator on business and social programmes for CCTV. She was the founding producer of CCTV’s Economic 30 minutes.

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