Galungan Day

Galungan Day in 2020 falls on 16 September and is a Balinese holiday celebrating the victory of dharma over adharma. It marks the time when the ancestral spirits visit the Earth and is related to Diwali, which also celebrates the same victory. Diwali, however, is held at the end of the year.

The most obvious sign of the celebrations are the penjor – bamboo poles with offerings suspended at the end. These are installed by the side of roads.

Galungan is a big, happy celebration where people connect with God, eat good Balinese food and dresses up in traditional clothes to visit the temples and their families.

The last of the celebration is Kuningan Day when the spirits return and the Balinese have a responsibility to be hospitable and welcoming to their past ancestors. The days around Kuningan Day are marked by the organization of particular activities.

3 days before    Cooking of bananas for offerings

2 days before    Making of fried rice cakes

1 day before      Slaughtering of pigs or chickens for feasts

1 day after          Visiting family

2 days after        Prayers, offerings, spirits return to heaven

3 days after        Fun

Schools across Bali are closed for 2 weeks for the holidays.

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